Whiskey is a popular alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. It is aged to perfection in wooden casks usually made of charred white oak. You may often see whiskey spelled without the “e” and this is purely orthographical, it is all the same! Certain countries prefer one spelling over the other. For example, Scotland and Canada spell it “whisky” while in the United States and Ireland, it is spelled “whiskey.” There are many different types of whiskey including bourbon, scotch, and rye which ultimately differ due to the geographic location in which they are produced.

Whiskey is a beverage that is not typically “chugged.” To truly enjoy whiskey, you have to do more than just drink it! Before drinking whiskey, it should be smelled so that you can identify the flavors and aromas, which is why many people swirl their whiskey in a cup before consumption. When you do drink it, let it sit on your tongue for a while and spread it through your mouth to truly taste all of the flavors. We offer a wide variety of whiskey which means that you can have fun taste testing each one.

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